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4 Ways that Shared Office Space Can Help Grow Your Business

Posted by Robert Blaker on May 31, 2017 2:14:13 PM


We all know that the costs of office space can be a drain on a small business’s revenue. Many small business owners are reluctant to embrace the idea that finding the right office space is an investment in their company’s future. Here are just a few of the ways that the right shared office space can be a real asset for growth:


Improves Your Reputation

The right office space can do more for a small business’s reputation than almost any testimonials, reviews, or marketing materials ever could. A clean, professional space should be the first thing that potential clients encounter when meeting you at your office.

Shared office space can allow small business owners to have a full-time receptionist to greet guests, as well as state of the art conference rooms, fully-stocked break rooms and much more. Many small business owners find that they can afford a much more impressive space in a shared office environment. This is because the total costs of shared office space are often much lower than a traditional office space and include many additional amenities.

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Clients Want to Come to You

In most industries, face to face meetings are a great way to maintain client relationships, as well as establishing new business. Having an office in a location that is easy to reach is just as important than having a well-maintained and professional space. Your location could certainly be holding you back, if your office is in an inconvenient area for many of your clients or potential clients to visit. A prime location in your city can do a lot to boost your company’s status and facilitate growth.


Facilitates Networking

Is your office space putting you in contact with people who can help you to grow your business? Networking is essential for many small business owners and entrepreneurs. Finding a space that allows you to be surrounded by like-minded professionals can help your business tremendously. Business centers and shared offices are great for finding mutually beneficial business contacts from a variety of industries.


Allows Seamless Growth

The flexibility to add space and employees to your team is a great benefit of shared office space. With traditional office space, many business owners try to find spaces larger than their current needs that will allow them to grow. This can be a very expensive approach that may inhibit the company’s growth by tying up more revenue in overhead expenses. A shared office allows a company to grow as needed, without paying for unnecessary space in the meantime.

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