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An Introduction to Office Color Schemes

Posted by Yoko Uchida on Dec 27, 2016 10:00:00 AM



The topic of color as it applies to an office setting is very subjective and involves a good deal of personal preference and the type of business you are running. There is plenty of research done on it, and even some experts that are hired by corporations to design cutting edge offices that are optimally colored for productivity, creativity and balance. It is also true that offices are not what they used to be. The traditional plain, boxed spaces are giving way to sprawling designs meant to invigorate the mind. How much they succeed at that is still arguable. Some successful entrepreneurs value the subtle modern designs with subdued colors and minimum distraction, while the new wave startup builders prefer more pops of color within their spaces. With that in mind, here are a few guidelines to office color schemes:


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Blue stimulates the mind

The color blue is most commonly associated with productivity and focus. It is calming and promotes a sense of trust. Most business models that require work from an office could benefit from stimulating the mind. The intensity of the color is also to be taken under consideration. The brighter it is, the higher the stimulation, but it could also get stressful and agitating. Accents of other colors like yellow for creativity and green for balance can complete the theme. Neutral walls with blue-themed artwork can be the right choice if you favor subtlety and minimum distraction. You have to experiment and settle for the right shade that makes you productive without adding stress to your office color scheme.


Yellow inspires creativity

For designers, writers and other creatives a yellow theme is said to bring the best out of their minds. It promotes happiness and we are more creative when we are happy. Yellow is summery and inspires cheer and positive emotions in its soft form. Generally the softer the colors the more serious your establishment is seen as. Yellow can be used as an accent in teaching rooms because it helps the viewers to retain more of what is being conveyed. Yellow also brings a sense of positivity and optimism which is well needed when you are stuck in a creative conundrum but it also can make your eyes tired as it reflect a lot of light. In most cases accent of yellow work best for that extra smile and creative edge.


Green creates a calming balance

Green brings calm and tranquil to an office color scheme. It works well in busy offices where it can reduce the stress levels of the employees and also reassure customers. The darker shades of green are associated with money that is why a lot of financial institutions use it in their logos. Green represents nature with its balance, growth, and fresh starts so clients can relate to that and trust your business. Introducing green to your office by carefully placing potted plants can sometimes work very well as an accent and balance to your color theme. Green color can be good for rooms where discussions and deals are made.


Red affects your body

Red brings passion and boosts mental energy but it can be overpowering and even lead to headaches. It is best kept at bay in the office color scheme in the form of artwork or subtle furniture. The color red raises your blood pressure and enhances metabolism often making you hungry. It is aggressive and can add a touch of passion to the office as an accent, but could be overpowering and intimidating if too bright and used too often. It is a great color to paint your gym, for it can give you a powerful edge. It works well in supermarkets and food stores where it boosts emotions and can increase sales.

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