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Effortless Expansion: Flexible Office Space for Startups

Posted by Robert Blaker on Jul 16, 2015 7:00:00 AM


If you are an entrepreneur, you understand that your business must be able to adapt to changes quickly. The ability to expand your workspace when your company is growing can be invaluable to your company’s success. Likewise, if you have a large office space and are forced to downsize, the ability to remove a large portion of your overhead costs can be the key to your company’s survival in times of financial struggles.

Flexible vs. Traditional 

A flexible office space at a business center can allow you to quickly and painlessly expand or downsize your space as needed. Finding a traditional commercial office space lease with room for your company to grow means that you are paying for valuable (and costly) square feet that you don’t currently utilize. This is just wasted money that could be used elsewhere to help your business grow. The more flexible and adaptable a space is, the more likely it is to be suitable office space for startups.

Locked Into a Long-Term Lease

One of the pitfalls of a traditional office space lease is the length of the leases that are available. A standard lease length for traditional office space is 3-5 years. That is quite a commitment for a new venture. This may be fine for an established business, but any established business is going to have completely different needs than a startup. The ideal office space for startups tends to offer more flexibility and less commitment with one-year leases or month-to-month arrangements available.

Office Space for Startups in New York 

Rockefeller Group Business Centers can give you the flexibility that you need. We offer solutions to entrepreneurs by providing flexible office space for startups. We have office space at Rockefeller Center, 5th Avenue, and Wall Street to meet your needs. With some of the most sought after space in the city, Rockefeller Group Business Centers can put your startup right where it needs to be.

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