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Getting the Most Out of a Virtual Office in NYC

Posted by Robert Blaker on Feb 4, 2016 10:00:00 AM


Many people who have virtual offices in NYC are not taking advantage of all of the valuable extra services or amenities available with their plan. Many of these services are available for free as part of their virtual office plan, or as an additional service. We will go over some of the more common offerings that can be a good value for small business owners.

Networking Opportunities

One of the great benefits of having an office outside of your home is that it puts you side by side with other small business owners. With a virtual office plan, you may think that means that you are confined to working at home. The great thing about a virtual office in NYC is that many plans give you access to business lounges, co-working areas, and other shared spaces that can facilitate business networking. Shared spaces can give you opportunities to network that would never be available to people working exclusively from home.

One of the many advantages of working around other small business owners is that it can create important opportunities for referrals. Likewise, you may find people who can refer business to you and you may be able to direct some clients their way. These kinds of business relationships can really be beneficial by creating more business for everyone involved. 

Receptionist Services 

A virtual office in NYC is a great way to let people know that your small business is worthy of moving beyond a home office. Many virtual office plans also come with receptionist services. In addition to many other services, a receptionist can answer calls, take messages, and forward calls to you. Many small business owners find that adding receptionist services increases the reputation of their business to potential clients. 

Business Center Services

Need to host a meeting with a potential client? Many providers of virtual offices in NYC offer plans that allow you to use meeting rooms or office space when you need them. Your provider may also have teleconferencing equipment, catering services, and many other services available for you to take advantage of at your leisure.

Make sure to compare the different amenities available from the virtual office providers that you are considering. If you can take advantage of some of these extra services or benefits, it can greatly increase the value that you receive from your virtual office plan.

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