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Hiring The Right Employee: Boost Your Retention Rate In 2017

Posted by Yoko Uchida on Dec 22, 2016 10:11:31 AM



Hiring is one of the quintessential building blocks of a successful business. It takes enormous amounts of time and a good deal of diligence. You’ll have to sift through the job market, read resumes, pick prospects, interview them, further select the ones you think will fit, and finally, hire them. Of course, it is likely that after all of this some of them will still not fit their positions anyway. The more you invest in research and the details of your hires, the better your chances of hiring the right employee with the right personality that will align with your company’s mission and stay on as happy employees. It is important to define the position you need filled, ask the right questions and pick the right personalities.

Write Specific Job Descriptions

It is paramount to dedicate ample time to writing a good job description. This starting point will attract the right type of candidates and save you time from interviewing people that are not a good fit. Be specific with your skill set requirements and give an overview of your company culture. Give the potential hires opportunity to understand your needs and company and see for themselves if they fit in. This ensures that you are setting the rest of the process up for success.


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Look in the Right Places

Hiring the right employee can be much made easier if you seek out prospects and talented individuals at competitions or trade events. Observe people in their element and that will give you an unbiased idea of how they deal with customers. For tech needs, that could mean coding competitions. For sales needs, trade shows would be a good place to look. This gives you the opportunity to target specific individuals who meet your specific needs and although it takes more time and effort, it can be well worth it when building your team


Consider Personality as well as Skills

Skills are important and you probably want someone who needs as little training as possible. Remember that skills can be acquired, but personalities cannot. Some chefs for example, favor hiring cooks with no experience but the right motivation so they can train them the right way and avoid them bringing bad habits onboard. Be sure to consider your potential hires’ ability to socially interact with your team and customers. What drives them and how they project themselves on others?


Ask the Right Questions

There is the set of standard questions like ‘Where do you see yourself in 5 years?’ or ‘What are your biggest weaknesses?’. These will give you an idea of what motivates people and how they see themselves. They will point you to the personality type you are dealing with. Come up with at least one non-standard question to see how they respond without a prepared answer. Be sure to let them interview you as well. Do not forget that this process is about hiring the right employee, but they are looking for the right fit in your company as well.


Utilize Trial Periods

Questionnaires and interviews can only tell you so much and by hiring, you are taking a small leap of faith. It is expensive to hire and even more expensive to train someone only to find out he or she is not a good fit and having to replace them. It is good to introduce trial periods, initiating freelance projects or short-term contracts in order to confirm a good hire. This way, you can save yourself extra expenses as well as time and effort.


Check Social Media Profiles

The era of public social media profiles is upon us, so take advantage of it. Using companies for background checks is useful, but expensive and not necessary for every position. You can get an additional perspective about your candidate by seeing what type of content they post, their interests, motivations, and hobbies. This information can make hiring the right employee (or at least avoiding the candidates who aren’t suited for the position) much easier.

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