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How A Virtual Office Can Improve Your Small Business

Posted by Yoko Uchida on Oct 18, 2016 2:02:31 PM



Starting a small business is not easy. Entrepreneurs often endure difficult first months when resources are limited and every decision you make is crucial. You often start in a home office and work with remote teams to minimize cost. Having an office is a distant goal that will signify sustained success. But before that milestone is reached, many small business owners utilize virtual office spaces to improve the image of their companies without breaking the bank.


Better Company Image

Being able to list a prestigious address on your web site and business card goes a long way. Clients find value in recognizable and easy to access business locations. They draw their first impressions about your company based on where it is located and those impressions stay with them. A prominent business address boosts the image of your company making it look more professional and trustworthy. Which, in turn, helps you with the process of converting leads to customers.


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Financial Flexibility

Financial liquidity is one of the most valued aspects of business when it comes to startups. Being able to put your small business on the map with a prominent corporate office without spending thousands of dollars leaves you with free capital to invest in marketing and sales initiatives. When your business reaches maturity an office is beneficial and often necessary but getting one when you starting out can be unaffordable. A virtual office space provides you with the same administrative support and prestigious address at a fraction of the cost. You can take advantage of virtual assistants, personalized telephone messages and mail handling.


Happy Employees

In today’s job market, employees are looking for benefits beyond the paycheck. Working from home, avoiding the hassle and cost of commuting is one of those benefits. Being able to work their own hours around their family’s schedule makes them appreciate their job. When you let your employees work their own hours they become more productive. You avoid the friction of having to police their comings and goings from a traditional office. Virtual office team members are happier and more goal-oriented since they can work at any time and results improve.

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