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Learn to Successfully Motivate and Inspire People

Posted by Milen Vasilev on Feb 16, 2017 10:00:00 AM


We are all quick to fall in love with a great idea, but few of us will take action to put that idea to work. What drives the actions you take, both personally and professionally? Most importantly, how do you convince people that your way is the best way and inspire people to work hard to achieve your ideas? Is it your intelligence, extroversion, charisma, charm, or hard work that make people follow you and your ideas? Perhaps it is a combination of all of the above, the perfect recipe for success, combined with a great idea that inspires people to action. Your success depends on the means that you employ to achieve your goals.


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Be the first and define your mission

Everyone wants to be first at something. Be the first to market, build something first, get somewhere first. We are wired to compete and strive for originality. Our world is becoming more and more crowded with entrepreneurs who seek the cutting edge in every field. Technology makes the means to achieve more available, so what differentiates the winners from the failures? It has been commonly accepted the answer to be the ‘Why’. Why is your tech company better than mine? Because your goal is to improve everyday life, make everyone’s lives easier, and your product shows it. Because improving humanity’s well being is your mission and you are first to make a great leap towards it. This combination of inherently good product and mission is the solid foundation to inspire action and make people follow you.

Be passionate about the means you employ

You have an innovative idea and everyone loves it, but you have to show how this idea will come to fruition. This is where your motivation and resourcefulness come in. You have to draw a roadmap, so your followers see your vision and act on the steps to achieve it. The more you invest, the more clear and driven your roadmap is, the more people will understand it and spring to action. When you fortify your mission with uncompromised, image-driven leadership, people will follow you and want to be part of what you are building. Passion for the means and tools you employ will resonate with your followers and motivate them.

Unify with culture, image, and inspiration

In order to inspire people, whether they are employees or customers, you have to create a uniform ecosystem of mission, means, and culture. This should radiate every step of the way with everything you do. Your brains, charisma and hard work have to be fortified by intelligent effort to inspire people and deliver your ideas and presentations in an entertaining and engaging way. You should focus your messages on clarifying why and how your product will improve people’s lives and inspire loyalty to your brand because of your core approach of doing things. When people around you start believing they are part of something special, they will work harder and be more productive, they will be happier, and that image will resonate with your brand.

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