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An Address To Drive New Business: Secure Modern Office Space

Posted by Robert Blaker on Mar 5, 2015 1:52:00 PM



An Address To Drive New Business: You Can Secure Modern Office Space at 45 Rockefeller Plaza

When deciding where to secure office space, it is important to find a location that will contribute positively to your business. Your location should be a driving force for your business. An ideal location will provide networking opportunities, and opportunities for growth. This is why a flexible office space on Rockefeller Plaza is the right choice for many businesses, from startups, to established and expanding businesses.

Why a Rockefeller Address is Great for Businesses 

When looking for a place to secure modern office space, there are few locations that have the stability and prestige that an address on Rockefeller Plaza offers. There is no question that Rockefeller Plaza is one of the most recognizable locations in New York. From the historic Radio City Music Hall, to the collection of sculptures and fixtures in the unmistakable art deco style, Rockefeller Plaza is a prominent and unforgettable part of the city.  The Rockefeller name alone carries with it a rich history and an established presence in the business community. The atmosphere of commerce and culture surrounding Rockefeller Plaza are a driving force for businesses in the area.

Solutions to Your Office Needs

If you are looking to secure modern office space in New York, you are probably familiar with some of the city’s most prominent and reputable business locations. Many of the more high-end or reputable locations do not offer the flexibility or options that Rockefeller Group Business Center offers. Rockefeller Group Business Center’s flagship office space at 45 Rockefeller Plaza is an ideal location for flexible office space rentals and even full service office space rentals. The opportunities for networking and the distinction that comes with a serviced office space at our 45 Rockefeller Plaza address can bring your business to higher levels of success.

Why Our Location is Ideal for Entrepreneurs

The location of a business, especially a new business, can be crucial to its success. Our location in Midtown Manhattan is right at the center of business and culture. When you secure modern office space in our prestigious Midtown Manhattan location, being at the center of commerce and culture will drive your business. If you have a startup or an established business, we have the plan and the space to meet your needs. The possibilities for growth are limitless when your office space can grow with your company.

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Rockefeller Group Business Centers is built on the innovation and experience that distinguish our parent company, The Rockefeller Group International, Inc. More than 80 years ago, The Rockefeller Group developed the legendary Rockefeller Center complex and now manages Rockefeller Center’s west side properties as well as other high-profile real estate holdings across the United States. 

In keeping with The Rockefeller Group tradition of excellence, Rockefeller Group Business Centers provides stunning, fully-serviced office space, executive suites, virtual office plans and meeting rooms in Class A buildings throughout New York City.




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