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Serviced Office Space FAQ

Posted by Robert Blaker on Sep 15, 2016 10:00:00 AM



What is Serviced Office Space?

Also known as executive suites, furnished offices, and business centers, the term serviced office space can apply to a few different styles of office environments. All of the services essential to running a business are provided to tenants. This approach is in contrast to a traditional office setting, where tenants are responsible for their own furnishings, administrative services, communications infrastructure, and everything else necessary to run their business. 

Who Uses Serviced Offices?

Generally, serviced offices provide a setting for a variety of small business owners to lease office space. You can find attorneys, financial professionals, remote workers, and small businesses of all kinds in serviced offices. Generally, you’ll find people who need a space that: is move-in-ready, offers flexible lease terms, and offers an all-in-one pricing model. 

What Is a Serviced Office Like?

A typical serviced office setting will have several small, private offices with shared break rooms, meeting rooms, and other amenities available for the businesses that lease office space within them. Although the actual spaces can vary greatly depending on the provider, they generally provide a high-end, modern atmosphere to appeal to professionals, as well as their clients. 

Why Choose Serviced Office Space Over Traditional?

With a traditional office, there is usually a minimum 5-year commitment and the lease price does not include all of the necessary services to run your business. IT setup, maintenance, cleaning, furnishing, and many other expenses can significantly increase monthly costs. Serviced office space provides a hassle-free option to people in need of office space for their small business. It offers much more flexible lease terms, as well as comprehensive pricing.

Rockefeller Group Business Centers provides serviced office space in the most prestigious locations in Manhattan. We have office space and virtual office plans available at Wall Street, Rockefeller Plaza, and Fifth Avenue locations. If you have questions regarding our services or plans, visit our FAQ page or give us a call at 800.994.7422.


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