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RGBC Success Story: Meet Alex Granovsky, ESQ.

Posted by Yoko Uchida on Nov 12, 2015 2:43:00 PM



  • Full Name: Alex Granovsky
  • Company Name: Granovsky & Sundaresh PLLC
  • Years at the company: 6 years
  • Location at RGBC: 48 Wall Street

Q1. How did you start and get to where you are today?

My partner and I had been working at big law firms for many years. In 2010, we had opportunities to make the leap into solo practice and we decided to go for it. I always had a dream to have my own business and when the opportunity came, I just had to take it. Since then, our firm has grown exponentially, and we recently opened our second office in Cleveland, OH. 

Q2. What is the best tip to excel or succeed in your industry?

Hard work, commitment to excellence, some guts to take and make big decisions and a willingness to hustle. Creating an identity and building a brand on and offline was a critical part of building the business. Credibility is definitely one of the factors contributing to success. Another important factor to success is the perseverance and willingness to continue working on what you do. Doing good work is also integral for business success because that will bring referrals from former clients. Also, I recommend getting out there to make yourself and business be known, whether it is on social media or through your personal network. 

Q3. What advice would you give yourself 5 years ago?

I would have told myself to “chill out” or “calm down.” When I was just starting the business, I perseverated over every little thing and I worried about each and every detail. I spent my time sweating the small stuff instead of looking at the big picture. Every phone call, email and letter was the most important thing in the world to me at that time, when building your business from scratch. But I’m glad that I had those times and the first 2 years brought me great experiences and I learned a lot about building a business from hiring the right people, to knowing who your ideal client is.

Q4. Any advice to people considering pursuing your path?

Just dive in.  You don't have to be a genius to be a successful lawyer (though it probably does not hurt).  But you do have to be committed to working hard for your clients. It is also always good to have a business plan, and be financially stable when you’re first starting your own business. Also enjoy what you do. It’s definitely been a professional and personal endeavor for me that has been very fulfilling at both levels. Don’t be afraid and do challenge yourself! 

Q5. Why did you decide to locate your office at Rockefeller Group Business Centers' 48 Wall Street?

It was the perfect combination of cost, location, and services. The facility looks sleek, modern and professional. The staff is exceptional. And the cost is quite reasonable. Plus, an address on Wall Street in New York City brings instant credibility. High quality work is expected, and you need to present to your client the proper professional image. When I bring clients for meetings, they see the established operations in a prestigious location, and this helps the business to build trust. 

Q6. How did the location help your business grow?

A Wall Street address brings instant credibility.  And the very professional staff at RGBC has been instrumental in helping my business function. They are responsive, fast and their work is always spot on. When I say “I’m next to New York Stock Exchange on Wall Street”, it just builds prestigious, a credible image of the company and it has helped with the corporate branding. 

Thank you so much for sharing your success story, Alex!

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