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Virtual Receptionist vs. Actual Receptionist

Posted by Robert Blaker on Aug 25, 2015 2:52:01 PM


Virtual Receptionist vs. Actual Receptionist

The concept of a virtual receptionist is a fairly new concept that has arisen due to the prevalence of working from home offices and working remotely in general. A virtual receptionist is someone who works from their home or a separate office and answers calls for businesses, generally sole proprietorships or small businesses. They relay messages, direct calls, and work just like a receptionist, but from a remote location. 

A small business owner may plan to hire a virtual receptionist because they want to save time or because they want to give the impression that their business is larger or in demand enough to warrant a receptionist. Although appearances and saving time can both be crucial to success, virtual receptionists can be a significant cost in terms of the total revenue of a small business.

There are many things to consider when it comes to deciding whether to use a virtual receptionist or a traditional receptionist. A virtual receptionist does not compare to a real receptionist in terms of their ability to greet visitors to your business.

If your goal is to give the impression that your business warrants a receptionist, why not consider an actual office that will impress potential clients? You can get more for your money with a full service office than with a virtual receptionist.

A full service office can give you all of the benefits of a virtual receptionist and much more. The services of the administrative staff, IT staff, cleaning, and maintenance staff are all included in the monthly rental price. You can have access to private meeting rooms, teleconferencing equipment, and practically anything else you would need to run your small business.

Full service office centers are made for entrepreneurs to have a place to work, meet clients, and network with other small business owners who share the same ideals and goals. Before you consider hiring a virtual assistant, make sure to explore full service office options in your area.

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