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Writing an Effective Business Introduction Email

Posted by Robert Blaker on Oct 22, 2015 12:50:00 PM


Introducing yourself to other people can be difficult whether it is in a professional or social setting. When you are forced to make first contact with someone using a business introduction email, the challenge can be even greater. There is no chance for a handshake, reading body language, or many other elements that are often valuable in a face-to-face introductory encounter.

Open Formally 

When addressing a new contact in a business introduction email, you should follow the same guidelines as you would in a business letter. Your salutation can change as your professional relationship with someone develops. When you form a familiarity with one another, eventually your communication will no longer call for the use of formal business salutations. During the introductory stage, however, it is best to keep things as professional as possible and greet your new business contact formally. Use a colon after your salutation in business communication. 

Explain Who You Are

The content of your business introduction email should begin by explaining who you are. How do you know about the person you are communicating to? Establish the connection between you and the recipient. If you were referred to them by a friend you could say something like: “In speaking with John Smith about ________, he mentioned that you have some experience with ________ and suggested that I get in contact with you.” This immediately establishes a mutual contact and the connection that brought this person to your attention.

If you were not referred to them by someone else, you should do some research to personalize the message and let them know that you know who they are and why you are contacting them. Saying something like: “I am impressed with your work with _________ and have seen the results that you have driven for them.” Obviously the content of this message will be different depending on the purpose of you business introduction email. Whether you are trying to contact them for sales purposes, consulting, etc., you should conduct this research to gain their respect and attention in your message.

Be Concise and Explain Your Purpose 

You should try to keep a business introduction email as short as possible, while explaining the purpose of the communication clearly. People are more likely to retain and act upon your message’s content if it is concise and offers a call-to-action such as a proposal to meet soon or a call to discuss business opportunities further.

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